process Overview

It helps to know what to expect. We love to help. So, here’s what you can expect when you work with SMG.


Step 1: Initial Connection

When you first contact us, we will ask you questions to find out what your need is along with goals tied to that need, and when you need it by. Once we have all of our questions answered, we will create and deliver a Proposal for you outlining the assets (professional photos, videos, and/or audio pieces) as well as the marketing and ad campaigns we believe will manifest your goals to fruition. We love this part of the process, because it’s the first inkling to how well we will work together.


Step 2: Production

Once you have accepted the final proposal for work to be created, and we have accepted your retainer payment, we will schedule filming dates. Now, the real fun begins and we will create in depth Treatments (campaign stories unique to your brand) and deliver those to you. With final treatments ready to go, we book cast, locations, and whatever is needed to complete your assets. We film, edit, and then deliver to you the assets that you then can provide notes on.


Step 3: Marketing & Ads

Upon final delivery of the assets we created together, we will then carry out the social media marketing plan that we proposed to meet your needs and timeline. This is where the beautiful videos and photos really bring you a return on your investment with us and grow your brand to the level you’ve been working toward. Brand visibility is crucial for you to grow your company’s impact on the world and we here at SMG are honored to give you the power to do that.