Commercial Campaigns in 10 Steps

Many small businesses have great ideas, but lack the knowledge to envision the entire picture of how to market their product or service. We all have that moment of that billion dollar idea flashing into our consciousness, but what happens next? We get distracted. Life happens. Then we either forget or convince ourselves that it wouldn’t have worked anyone. Don't waste your next great idea by missing crucial steps on how to capitalize on it. The following 10 steps is how we create commercial campaigns for our clients and get results. Every. Single. Time.


When thinking of your next commercial campaign, start writing everything down. Crazy ideas. Ideas that seem impossible. Concepts that seem disconnected. Write them down. In this step, we’re just brainstorming whatever comes into our head. We’re not entirely worried about what we’re trying to accomplish just yet.

2. narrow it down

Think about what you’re trying to sell. Is it a new product? Are you adding a new service to your offering? Once you’ve figured that out, go through your crazy list of ideas and see how each of them connects to your goal. Sometimes it’s obvious. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging to get there. When narrowing down your concepts, always keep in mind that not everyone lives in your head, so if your concept takes a bit of explaining to connect to your goal, it might be a good idea to move on. Sometimes, simplicity is the thing that works the best. Keep eliminating the concepts that don’t connect until you’re left with only one.

3. look and feel

Once you’ve got a solid concept, and how that idea connects to your goal, it’s time to think of the look and feel of your campaign. Put together mood boards of what you want your characters to look like. Where do the characters live? What does that look like? Is it warm and inviting? Or is it cold and desolate? Write down words that embody those characters. Think about color schemes, props, and maybe even how your characters speak.

Next think about your target audience. Who would connect with those characters and their message? Hint: “Anyone” is not the wrong answer. The audience that is going to connect with your campaign should be a segment of your overall ideal client for your brand.

4. Know Your Audience