Your Brand Is Not Emotionally Engaging

*Your brand is not emotionally engaging*

Gross. I can't stand the fear marketing that so many companies use... HOWEVER, I intentionally used this to get your attention.

I bet you were like, "Geez you guys, thats harsh." And honestly, I look at it and I cringe, too.

The point it illustrates very viscerally though, is that a brand gets attention when it engages the customer - or potential customer - emotionally.

NOW... For everyone over here at SMG, our special sauce is engaging your customer emotionally. That’s a fact that is evident in the work we produce time and time again, HOWEVER we do it the opposite way. We engage your customer in a positive emotional way so that they love you, they love your brand, they love your product ABOVE the actual product or service. They love the way you make them feel.

THAT is how you create brand evangelists. You create an emotional bond between your brand and their hearts.

How can you achieve this emotional bond?

First, you have to figure out what your mission message is. Why do you do what you do, in the grand sense. Even if you didn't have the business you have and you were working as a house cleaner or a professional painter, why are you here? This mission message is the basis for everything that you do, both in business and in day to day life.

Once you have your mission message, you will infuse it in everything that goes out into the world, from your creative, ads, and copy, to the way you show up in a meeting with a client. The subliminal messages you send with the words you choose and your body language is just as important as the target audience in your facebook ad. Infusing your mission message into everything bring a consistent feeling to your customers and potential customers.

Which brings us to trust. By being consistent in all of your messaging, no matter how many products or services you are selling, you will create an unmatched level of trust with your customer, and when a customer trusts you, and vibes with you, they want to be a part of what you're doing. And how does a person become part of what a company is doing? They become a customer.

Some brands know exactly what their mission is when they come to work with us on their brand strategy and digital marketing, but others do not.

If you are one of the ones that does not know what your special sauce is and how you will create that emotional bond with your customers, don't worry. That is exactly what we are here for. We ask the questions you haven't been asking yourself so that we can pull it out of you. It's already in there. We just help you find it.

So before you post your next video or photo or write something for your readers, ask yourself,

"Is my brand emotionally engaging?"

Rich Yodsukar