3 Live Stream Ideas for: Clothing Retailers

Copyright  The Yodsukars

Copyright The Yodsukars

1) Fashion Tips

Bring your customers value by showing them how to put outfits together, what goes with what, etc. Not only does this set yourself apart as an expert, but it also let’s your customers know that you actually care about them. Not to mention, the extra buying opportunities by pairing multiple pieces.


2) Sell Product (If you only do one of these, do THIS one)

Facebook Live is quickly becoming known as the “new QVC”. Personally, I’ve seen sellers host hour+ long live streams in which they sold thousands of dollars of merchandise directly to their audience. Trust me. I didn’t think it was true either until I actually saw it myself. Live Streaming is a huge opportunity to bring in additional revenue with little to no overhead.


3) Fashion Shows

Your store could host a fashion show, showcasing the new looks for the upcoming season. Also, partnering up with a charity or fashion bloggers will dramatically increase your reach instantaneously.

Rich Yodsukar