Why Online Professionalism Matters

You only get 1 shot at a first impression. Making it count by showing your best “face” in ALL aspects is a sure fire way to maximize potential sales. Here are our top 3 reasons why professionalism matters when it comes to your online persona:

1) First Impressions Matter

Your customers will find you one way or another, thanks to this wonderful thing we call the internet. Making sure your online presence matches your brand message is key to elevating your business above your competition. Websites, graphic designers, etc. are expensive! And for good reason - it’s one of the first interactions your customers will have with your business. For everything that you post online, make sure it aligns with your brand’s message. If there’s ANY doubt, it probably doesn’t, and should probably not be associated with your business.


2) Add Trust

Let’s say you’re in the market to hire a painter to paint your house. You go to your favorite search engine and look for local painters and you click on the first one that comes up. Website looks great. Branding on point. You decide to check them out on Facebook. The first thing on their timeline is a Facebook Live video showing their favorite techniques for painting a chair. The video and sound is high quality and matches the quality that you’ve experienced thus far. Now, let’s think about all of those points of contact with our potential customer. If at ANY point during that, let’s be real, less than 2 minute interaction, ANYTHING didn’t correlate with your brand, your customer’s trust in hiring you will be damaged. Making sure that everything you put online matches your brand, reinforces your customer’s decision to hire you.

3) It’s Your Business

Making sure every aspect of your business is the best it can be says that you care about your business, and therefore, will care about your customer. If you’re a plumber that shows up clean, and smelling good versus the plumber with his bum hanging out, it just shows how much you care about what your business is putting out into the world. The meticulousness and attention to detail matters. And from the perspective of your potential customers, it’s what narrows their decision down for them.

Being professional doesn’t have to mean stiff and corporate. It just means that you care about your customers enough to make their buying decisions as easy as possible. By caring about every aspect of your online persona, will show your customers that you’ll care about them the same way.