5 Live Stream Ideas for: Restaurants

1) Cooking Show

Get people interested in your food by showing the artistry that goes into making it. Also, by showing the personality of your chef will help your restaurant stand out because there’s only one them in the entire world, and they’re the one that will be making your next meal.


2) Interview the Owner

By interviewing the owner potential customers get to know the “why” behind the business. Knowing the “why” makes it about more than just the food. For example, if the owner started the business because they wanted the ability to feed homeless kids in other countries, eating at your restaurant now becomes part of something bigger. And people always want to be part of something big.


3) Interview Regular and New Patrons

If your food is so good that people keep coming back, there’s no better way to show that other than having customers tell about their experiences themselves. Have customers explain why they love the food, why they keep coming back, etc. This is extremely valuable in establishing trust for future customers but also in giving you ideas on how to keep improving your customer experience.


4) Feature a New Menu Item

If you’re launching a new menu item, going Live will get your message out as quickly and effectively as possible. It will also build awesome energy with your staff if they see how excited you are about this new item, and in turn will help them sell better. Excitement is contagious.


5) Expanding Your Business

Business is good and you’re expanding! Share your excitement with the world by going Live! This will bring about a level of authenticity to your customers, and authenticity builds trust. If you’re a baker that has been working out of your kitchen and now you’re moving into a retail kitchen, tell your fans! Again, people love being part of something bigger.