5 Live stream ideas for: Musicians

5 Live Stream ideas for: Musicians




1) Song Writing

If there’s a new song that you’ve been working on, and better yet, if it’s not complete, play it live for your audience to get feedback and ideas on how to make the song better. Your fans will have more of an emotional attachment to that particular song if they know they had a part in creating it.

2) Promote an upcoming concert

If you have a show coming up don’t do what everyone expects you to do by just talking to the camera, begging people to come to your show next Wednesday night. To make your message stand out and be memorable, promote your concert doing something your audience wouldn’t expect. If you’re a band that’s known for being zany, put on a dance off between members of the band and die hard fan. Then have the fans that are watching vote on who wins. Or, if you’re known for being more serious, team up with a charity and do go live with them so they can bring more awareness to their cause.

3) Music Lessons

Assuming you know your craft, do monthly guitar lessons for your die hard fans. Teaching brings a more human aspect to your onstage persona. By showing you know how to play through teaching, will solidify your musicianship amongst your fans as being not just a “cog in the corporate machine”.



4) Concerts

We already know what you’re thinking. “If I live stream my concert, no one will come to the actual show!” Wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. Statistically, time and time again, it’s been proven that live streaming, or a “try before you buy” event, increases ticket sales for your next concert. We can even help you monetize your live stream if you’re still worried.


5) Rehearsals

You’d be surprised at how long people will sit and watch a live jam session (~45 minutes vs. 4 minutes of on-demand content). Your audience would love a peak behind the curtain to find out who you REALLY are. Again, if your fans feel like they’re a part of something that you’re going to be putting out soon, they’re more likely to not only buy it, but tell all their friends to buy it.