3 Ways to Repurpose Live Streams

You just went live, and your numbers are through the roof. Engagement is at an all time high, and people are buying. What now? Don’t just move onto the next without first doing these 3 things to repurpose your Live streams to maximize your ROI.

1) Chop it Up

Go back through your video and create more assets for future marketing campaigns. Not only can you use 10-15 clips for Facebook Ads, but you can also pull stills from your footage to use in other mediums such as Instagram and Twitter. You can also use those short clips to supplement an end-user or internal-use-only manual for current and future employees.

2) Sell it

Say you just did an hour long webinar about how you took your business to the next level. You spent weeks or months preparing for this and it went off without a hitch. If engagement was through the roof, that tells you that there’s a demand for the content that you just put out. Why not make a few extra bucks by selling it? The work is already done.You can even use short clips and images (see step 1) to market itself.

3) Ongoing Traffic

Say that you just went Live on Facebook. You could then take that video and upload it to Youtube to drive even more traffic to your product/website/service. Say you went live with an interview. You could then take the audio from that stream and turn it into a Podcast and create more buzz around your business. You could also use some of those snippets as a base for future blog posts and social media postings.

The opportunities are virtually endless with what you can do with such a valuable asset as a Live stream. Of course, these ideas are only good if you’ve saved your Live Stream and have the capabilities to do so (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered).